puma rickie

PUMA Rickie sneaker is timeless, a silhouette that houses classic elements for modern style.

As warmer weather arrives, so do thoughts of hitting the open road and seeing the world. Nothing screams summer quite like the energetic excitement of travel looming on the horizon.

This holiday the PUMA Rickie is going on a road trip, evoking nostalgia that is reminiscent of childhood, family and untold adventures.

The traditional sentiments of a road trip bring to life a fully packed vehicle, ready for anything that road may bring. With dad at the wheel, mom, the certified co-piolet and kids in the backseat, screaming, “are we there yet?”

It’s time to buckle up while the PUMA Rickie sets out on a classic rite of passage, the family road trip, transporting the audience to simpler times that capture the meaning of family and adventure!

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