Taking style inspiration from global fashion trends and street style capitals, the Bronx woman is confident, passionate, and celebrates individuality. She knows her worth; her passion and fierce energy make her a force to be reckoned with. 

It’s time to switch the channel to all things Bronx: here to make waves to your standard boots rotation. The Bronx ladies AW22 collection features styles that make you want to keep them on a continuous broadcast.

Bronx L Gigi

Signature styles with minimal design, these boots are crafted from the finest leather-like materials. Bronx knows the drill for everyday boots essentials with the Gigi combat boot and the Halle Chelsea boot. Or opt for a bold look and embrace your inner cowgirl with the Bronx Westee II, while the knee-high Bronx Letoya boot gives leg-lengthening appeal.

Bronx L Westee II

Flick through these trendy favs to shop the collection online, or head over to your local Footgear store today!

Bronx L Letoya Black
Bronx L Halle & Gigi